Within This Enervation E​.​P (Demo)

by Aeurtum

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Originally released as a digital E.P under the project name 'Iapetus'.

This E.P Demo features: demos of 3 tracks from "The Fall", as well as the title track.




released March 31, 2011

All music written/performed by Aeurtum.

Drums arranged and performed by B.Thomas.

Recorded with Metamorphosis Media at 'The Green Room Studios', Tamworth, between February and March 2011.



all rights reserved


Aeurtum Birmingham, UK

Aeurtum formed 2010 in Birmingham, England.

The name Aeurtum (A-yer-tum) is inspired by the latin Aeternum (forever ∞) and the modern day Autumn.

For any information or if you are interested in featuring/interviewing Aeurtum, contact Insidious Voices or email insidious_voices@outlook.com or if you wish to contact the band directly for any other reason please email Aeurtum@gmail.com
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Track Name: Deliverence (2011)
This tragedy failed to reach an end,
A heartfelt promise becomes a bitter lie,
as emotions once harboured turn to ash,
everything I knew wilts lest we say goodbye...

(As hollow as I am,
I pride myself on my incapacity of being as twisted as you...)

As a sun so bright shines down,
the pain grows sharper...
euphoric waves engulf,
deliverance will never come...

As though nothing ever was,
anticipating the end of time,
the bowels of hell cry out our names in blissful harmony...

“(With wings of gold, fresh spun,
that grace the sky blocking the sun...)
What is so beautiful shan't rot,
as such is 'mortal love'...”
With wings of leaden black,
and sulphur burning through each deathly breath,
What was once beautiful has rot,
so much for 'mortal love'...

As a sun so bright shines down,
the pain subsides,
Allowing us to relish the beauty of life,
for one last time...

When will this bullshit ever end?
See you in hell, my once loved friend!

I fucking gave you my all!
Track Name: Within This Enervation
The time flew by,
in a haze of smoke and jaded reflections,
snow came and went, rain fell, sun shone,
though life felt sheltered,
time had gone...

I try my best to forget,
I try my best to move on,
no time to waste just holding onto things that have gone...

I try my best to forget...
I try my best to block it out,
Though things I leave behind,
Just haunt me more and more...

what can we do?
(We're only human after all...)

Isn't it a shame,
things won't ever be the same...?
Isn't it a shame,
things won't ever be the same...?

I try my best to forget,
(The things that came and went)
Yet my mind lingers on the things
(I miss more than anything...)

I try my best to forget...
(Those lost just years before...)
Those things I leave behind...
(Just haunt me more and more...)

I cannot find what isn't there...


I try my best to forget,
I try my best to move on,
no point in holding onto things...

I try my best to forget... the things I leave behind...
Track Name: Dissolved In Emerald Waves (2011)
As spirits wreath in winds, unseen,
and Darkness covets all,
It would be all too easy to assume
the truths not what it seems...
The truths just as you claim...
but isn't that just a lie...?

I swallowed shit, I took the knocks,
I played the games...
Shunned all the lies,
And took the pleasure with the pain...
and looking back i'd like to think I kept my dignity,
your eyes were gates to emerald waters,

they drowned me...
I should've walked away so long ago...
If only I'd of known...
It wouldn't hurt to just let go...

When I close my eyes,
I recall the days I used to bide...
waiting till the time was right,
to get you the fuck out of my life...
you wanted love? Or just a toy?
Either way you got it...

In a downward spiral, time elapsed,
Opportunities pissed away on tap,
I remained too blind too see...
Unashamed to say I cried sometimes,
just thinking what could have been,
but those tears fell selfishly...

Close your legs, just this once,
You could swallow the sun with that thing...

“God and Goddess I Ask Of Thee,
To Show This Person The Troubles They Have Caused,
And Make It Come Back Times Three...”
Track Name: Awaiting... (2011)
What is life?
Sand in the hourglass...
What is life?

such an enigma,
just how do I break this code...

Into the mind,
where nothing is numbed,
no sense dumbed,
absolute in being,
and forever bound to be...

Out of control,
and into the throws of the ravaging tides,
Out of the mould,
and into the throws of the ravaging tides,
Out of your hold...

As time elapsed,
I came to be,
and thats where I stand,
not mere man,
not god nor beast,
just a being,
a shadow of life,
dust in the sunlight waiting to land,
and disappear gone for ever...
Thats all we are,
just dust,
no trace,
no stain,
when the breeze comes we move again...
for eternity...